Bolivian Amethyst - Anahi Mine, Bolivia

Our Bolivian Amethyst comes from the Anahi Mine which lies near the border of Brazil and close to the Pantanal wetlands. This area is extremely remote and only accessible by a rugged road a few months out of the year or by a small plane which can land on a nearby grass runway. Owner Thomas Nagin has been exclusively supplying Bolivian Amethyst to customers in the United States and throughout the world for over 20 years.

Bolivian Amethyst is unique and known for its large crystals and beautiful rich color. Single crystals can be 2″ to 4″ in diameter and clusters can weigh up to 1,000 pounds.

These are some representative photos. We have an excellent selection with a variety of sizes. Call us to make an appointment to see our inventory by live chat. (501) 623-2323

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