AMETRINE - Anahi Mine, Bolivia

Ametrine crystals are one of the most extraordinary and rare crystals and have been found in only one mine in the world – the Anahi Mine in Bolivia, known also for its large Amethyst crystals, All ametrine crystals were discovered only in this one mine several years ago. Owner Thomas Nagin has been the sole distributor of them throughout the world.

Ametrine crystals are a combination of Amethyst (purple) and citrine (yellow to orange) both in the same crystal. Their unique interrupted growth and often flat terminations make them prized by collectors. Gem cutters and gem carvers like Ametrines for their large areas of clarity and deep varied and vibrant color. Gemstones of Ametrine are not only found in these unique crystals but also occur in some of the darker colored Amethyst crystals from the mine.

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