Amethyst is in the Quartz Mineral Family. It is one of my favorite minerals. The color ranges from a beautiful deep purple to pale lavender making Amethyst of the violet ray family. All minerals of the violet ray connect to the spiritual aspects of the soul. This makes Amethyst the the main meditation stone of the mineral family, as it connects you to your inner wisdom and soul’s essence. Amethyst is a loving and gentle stone. It is also know as the dream stone because sleeping with amethyst helps you to remember your dreams.

To use in meditation, place Amethyst in the left hand while meditating. It opens up the 3rd eye, takes you deeper, and connects you to your soul’s essence.

Amethyst works well in crystal layouts with other stones of the violet ray such as Sugilite, Gem Silica, and Azurite.

An Amethyst cluster or geode is a great place in a public space such as a Doctor’s office, massage therapist space, meditation space, or any place where you would like to bring peace, relaxation, and quiet.